Male Waxing

Grooming isn’t just for the ladies; it is equally important for men to feel confident and great about themselves and waxing can be instrumental in that process. Woodfield Wax and Beauty can help with the removal of unsightly nasal hair (some people say that this helps with hayfever), unwanted chest hair or even a speedo wax. Whatever the reason we are available to help.

All male waxing treatments are carried out by an experienced and professional waxing therapist in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Our warm and hot waxes encapsulate the hair and remove it from the root meaning that hair as short as 1cm can be removed, and our unrivalled technique hurts by far less than you might expect! In fact, after around 4 waxes you will barely blink an eye, but the results are second to none.

We believe that sanitisation is hugely important and for that reason, we operate a strict hygiene policy and we never double dip our spatulas. For sensitive areas, we always wear gloves and our towels and ‘bedding’ is always changed between clients.

Woodfield Wax and Beauty’s cruelty-free, expert wax will leave you stubble free for up to 4 weeks giving you the perfect groomed feel for longer without razor burn, bumps or ingrown hairs; just follow our pre- and aftercare advice.

Whether you are an experienced wax client or a newbie, we are confident that your experience at Woodfield Wax and Beauty will be pleasant, relaxing and comfortable.

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