Female Waxing

Here at Woodfield Wax and Beauty we offer a full range of female waxing services. We love waxing and it shows in the expert results which we achieve and our loyal client base.

We specialise in real Brazilian and Hollywood waxes. Hair as short as 1cm can be removed, this is normally around 2 weeks post-shaving growth for most ladies or 4-6 weeks post waxing. Our technique is unrivalled.

We have taken time to try and test a multitude of waxes and are proud to say that the waxes we use are second to none, with the most amazing ‘grip’ encapsulating each hair and firmly removing it from the root. We tailor our services, using three different wax brands; Perron Rigot, Lycon and Kim Lawless hot waxes for intimate waxing, which are great for sensitive skin as the wax only attaches to the hair, not to the skin. Pain and discomfort are minimal and with each wax we promise it gets easier! We do also use warm wax (strip wax) for non-intimate areas, but again we use top quality, cruelty free wax.

We pride ourselves on having rigorous hygiene practices. Our salon is safe, hygienic and clean; we ALWAYS use salon grade disinfectant (Barbicide) and we NEVER re-dip our spatualas. Our intimate waxing is always carried out whilst wearing a fresh pair of gloves and the bedding is changed between clients.

Whether you are familiar with waxing or a complete beginner, we are confident that your experience at Woodfield Waxing and Beauty will be pleasant, relaxing and comfortable.

**Please note that special rules apply to pregnancy and age. If in doubt just drop us a message.**

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